Our team is equipped to deliver any project from conception through to completion.

We bring vision to life

It’s what we do, and have been for over 40 years


Emicon has constructed numerous residential units, prestigious  apartments and luxury homes over a long period of time both locally and interstate.

Our experience in construction has resulted in the company achieving a high level of excellence in all of its building projects. 


Emicon has an in-house Civil Engineering team who are heavily involved in the construction process. This knowledge combined with the works of all members of the design team and you are left with an exceptional building of both structural and visual integrity.


Emicon offers building management through project planning every step of the construction lifecycle. Our team is equipped to deliver any project from conception through to completion.

We are family

A migrant father that brought his wife and three daughters to a land of opportunity in the mid 1960’s wasted no time in setting off to work. They bore three more sons and instilled a work ethic in all their children that would span generations. Ethics that include honesty, integrity, passion and a love for what you do.

A hands on approach that is never compromised. It is an ideal that entrenches the fact that if you are to do something, then you give it your all.

These values and mindset produce a culture that becomes contagious. It builds relationships and creates a family and work community that strives to excel to limitless potential. Our extended family that includes its directors, office staff, managing staff, site staff and contracting field staff has grown to encompass more than 100 personnel to deliver innovative, functional and sustainable living and work spaces. Not bad from humble beginnings!

Our Leadership team

Honesty, integrity, passion and a love for what they do is the driving force behind our leadership team and everything they are involved in.

Emile Saab


Emile is the licensed nominated supervisor of the company and has been a licensed builder since 1971. He has a broad knowledge and vast experience in residential development, having constructed his first residential apartment project in 1969. His old school work ethic laid the keystone on which this company still stands firm today. 

Paul Saab


Paul holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from the University of Technology Sydney. Paul is also a licensed builder and is heavily involved in the design and construction of all projects. He has always been passionate about the dynamics of structures which led him to be a leading mind in the field of engineering and the logistics of construction, a reputation admired among many in the field. His innovative approach to all projects ensures best practice is achieved from beginning to end.

Claude Saab


Claude holds a Bachelor of Building (Honours) from the University of Western Sydney with major studies in Construction Management. Claude is a licensed builder with vast experience in construction and the building process. He was the recipient of the 1999 Building Science Forum of Australia Thesis Award for the best technical thesis among tertiary education students in Australia. His Project Management and planning skills have attributed to delivering exceptional results in all of the companies projects and in the construction industry in general. Also his knowledge of all aspects of the construction process makes him highly respected by the site delivery team which allows for a smooth transition to project completion.

Pierre Saab


Pierre holds a Bachelor of Economics and Diploma in Law from the University of Sydney and is admitted as a legal practitioner of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. He is responsible for all the legal and financial aspects of the company. Along with all aspects of law he is exceptional in all areas of construction law and is also a member of the Environmental Planning Law Association. He ensures the energy and resources needed for any given project are at hand at all times. He has a very strong work ethic which encourages all around him to strive for excellence.

We excel at delivering:

About - Emicon


Constructing quality medium to highrise residential apartments for over 40 years.

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Award winning prestigious waterfront apartments across Sydney and interstate.

About - Emicon


Attention to detail is never compromised in our multimillion dollar luxury homes.

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