Emicon Pty Ltd was incorporated in November 1994.

Prior to this, the business was run in the form of a partnership for a period of some fifteen years.

Emicon Pty Ltd is a family company.

This is the foundation on which the company’s core values and morals are built on. We are extremely proud of this fact and also take great pride in the fact that all members of our “family” are appropriately qualified to perform all facets of work related to the construction industry.

Emicon Pty Ltd is a member of the Master Builders Association of New South Wales  and is also a member of the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union.

The company has been primarily involved in the construction of medium density residential development. 

It has also undertaken construction and refurbishment of residential and commercial projects for the company’s core clientele.

The company has collectively over 80 years experience in construction and as a result has achieved high standards in all of its numerous building projects.  This is highlighted by the fact that the company has constructed projects repeatedly for the same clientele.

The company has the ability to deal with all areas of construction ‘in house’ whether it be on site supervision, design, construction, project planning, project estimates, legal or financial.

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